Melbourne Airport Customs

Australia’s custom laws are strict, thanks to its geographical situation- it is an island with diverse endemic flora and fauna to protect. Customs and Border Protection exists to protect the country from biological hazards, harmful goods and unauthorised visitors. Find for a good guide to what can and cannot be brought into the country. The list contains nothing out of the ordinary- essentially, nothing illegal, especially drugs, and no plants or animals.
Arriving into Melbourne Airport on an international flight, you can collect your baggage after passing through the customs passport check. There are 7 baggage carousels in the reclaim area, and once you have located the correct one and claimed your bags, you will need to pass through the biosecurity checks before entering the arrivals hall. The process is made simpler by filling out an incoming passenger card before landing, where you can declare any controlled substances.
Biosecurity checks do not apply to domestic flights.
Updated August 2013. Information is subject to change at any time.