Disabled Options for Melbourne Airport Car Rental

If you require assistance in the airport, especially if you will need a wheelchair to get on and off the plane, it is best to contact your airline prior to flying, as they can organise wheelchairs for terminal use after yours is checked. Any difficulties that you can foresee will be best remedied if you contact the airline and make them aware so that they can be prepared to help.
Inside the terminals, Melbourne Airport has done everything possible to make all areas accessible. Arrivals areas on the ground floor and Departures on the first floor of the main building are linked by travelators and lifts. To get inside, disabled passengers can be picked up or dropped off in designated bays right in front of the terminals, and there are also disabled spaces in all car parks for those displaying a valid permit. Wheelchair-access toilets are available throughout the terminals, clearly marked. There is also one on the ground floor of the Short Term Car Park.
Screening Officers undergo training regarding procedures for assisting passengers with disabilities. Plastic chairs are available for passing through the screening point, or frisk searches can be conducted as an alternative. Medical equipment should be cleared with the airline beforehand to ensure smooth screening and boarding. Hearing Loops are provided at Gates 12 to 20 for those with hearing impairments.
Updated August 2013. Information is subject to change at any time.