Parking at Melbourne Airport

There are several different options for carparks at Melbourne airport. These cater to different uses and any length of time for which parking is required.
For pick-ups of family, friends or acquaintances, the Ring and Ride Zone is the perfect place to wait. Drivers can wait free for up to 20 minutes, before collecting passengers from the 1-minute pick up zones in the forecourt area. Follow pink signs for the Ring and Ride Zone.
The Express Car Park is handy for short stays, and is close to Terminals 3 and 4. The carpark is marked with red signs. The entry is off Service Road. Prices start from $4 for 20 minutes, and range to $24 for 1-2 hours and $56 for 24 hours. 
The Short Term Parking Lot is marked with green, and can be found directly opposite the terminal buildings, making it very handy for meeting, greeting and farewelling. Prices are the same as the Express carpark, from $4 for 20 minutes right up to $388 for a week.
The Business Car Park is for those who are willing to pay for convenience. It is only 50 metres from Terminal 1 where Qantas domestic flights leave, and it has fast access onto the freeway. Payment is by credit card only, and the parking costs a flat rate of $65 for anything from 0- 24 hours, with prices increasing after that, up to $420 for a week. Entry to the Business Car Park is off Centre Road, marked with purple signs.
Long Term Parking (colour coded orange) offers an outdoor parking lot at low prices. 20-40 mins costs $2,and anywhere from 1-24 hours is $29. A week will set you back only $79, making it perfect for parking whilst on holiday. There is some distance between this parking lot and the terminals, but the airport provides a free shuttle bus which runs continuously 24 hours a day, seven days a week, stopping at all terminals. Entry to the Long Term Parking Lot is off either Terminal Drive or Centre Road.
Undercover Long-Term Parking is another long-term option which allows you to park undercover for a slightly higher price. 20 minutes will set you back $4, an hour $24, 24 hours $56 and a week $140. The terminals can be accessed from the Undercover Park via covered walkways, and the entrance to the carpark is off Centre Road.
There are other options beside the official airport parking lots. One of these is Ace Airport Parking (, located on the boundary of the airport property. They offer safe self-park facilities in a multi-level parking lot, with a valet option. A shuttle will take you to and from the airport terminals, a 5 minute drive. This operates on demand, 24 hours a day. Costs are dependent on several factors but average to around $80-100 a week, and parking must be pre-booked. Similiar services are offered by Busy Beaver Parking ( and Jetport Security Parking ( See their websites for further details and booking.
Updated August 2013. Information is subject to change at any time.